Your Ounce of Prevention

A Preventive Law practice, helping businesses anticipate and solve legal risks before they materialize.

Operate With Confidence

Finding opportunities in the way businesses approach legal issues.

As a Preventive Law practice, Keefer Strategy specializes in looking around corners. We are a proactive and collaborative legal resource when it comes to making business decisions, giving you peace of mind you didn’t have before.

Preventive Law & Your Business

Re-imagining the way businesses work with lawyers.

Preventive Lawyers guide businesses through contracts, managing insurance and litigation, compliance and governance issues, due diligence and day-to-day business and legal strategies.

Confidence in your decisions

You make business decisions every day, but are you confident they don’t leave you open to legal consequences?

Expand your Practice Areas

You’re expected to know and do it all, but there are only so many hours in the day.

Strengthen Relationships

You value the trust your clients place in you and know the importance of providing them with the right resources.

An Ounce of Prevention

Worth a pound of cure.

Traditionally, businesses have relied on legal support as a reactive resource and many times it’s too late . . . and costly. Preventive Law is a proactive solution that can lead to long-term business “health” and success.

I have been in business 40 years with multiple locations across the country. Hiring Keefer Strategy is the single best thing I have done, especially with expansion and new ventures. I would recommend Keefer Strategy as a 5-star practice.

Jim Roberts CEO, Ace Tire & Axle
Jim Roberts

As General Counsel of a recognized global brand, I’ve had the opportunity to work with Keefer Strategy on complex contract, insurance and compliance issues facing our company. Chris has consistently been able to provide “big law” deliverables in a business-forward and cost-effective manner, helping our legal department stay nimble and streamlined. I recommend Chris to any in-house practice, whether as a specialized or supporting resource.

Anthony Dal Ponte General Counsel, Pacific Seafood
Anthony Dal Ponte

Our firm has had the opportunity to collaborate with Keefer Strategy on a variety of clients in various sectors, and have found Chris to be highly creative and practical in his legal counsel.  He takes the time to build relationships with his clients and partner with their advisors in order to recommend the right combination of efficient, effective, and solution-oriented advice surrounding complex contract negotiation and development, and preventive law.

Steve Fein Managing Partner, Moss Adams
Steve Fein

Chris had a unique ability to dissect our program and understood the importance of the cost-benefit. . . . The analysis he provided resulted in our team being better able to understand the risks we were transferring to insurers, ultimately leading to educated decision-making. We’ve found great value in KEEFER’s services and the importance of being prepared and would recommend KEEFER to other businesses looking to better understand their risk profile.

Ryan Martin CEO, Yakima Products
Ryan Martin

While serving as interim Chief Strategy Officer for a publicly-traded manufacturer, I had the opportunity to work with Keefer Strategy on legal and business risk issues facing the company. This included contract negotiation and legal compliance strategies, as well as management of litigation and insurance programs. Chris was collaborative and conscious of business outcomes in working with our executive team, providing significant multi-faceted benefits to the company in the process. Chris was a trusted resource, and I look forward to working with him again in the future.

Richard Infantino Managing Director, Deloitte
Richard Infantino

Upcoming Events

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Address Legal Issues Before They Materialize

As business owners and advisors, we understand the importance of getting it right the first time.

Have a question? Contact us to see how Preventive Law can protect your business. At KEEFER, we take pride in being approachable and available and look forward to connecting with you.