Confidence In Your Legal Decisions

All Businesses Have Legal Needs

However, we know how costly it can become to employ in-house attorneys or pay “big law” rates. Sometimes you’re looking for quick answers to simple questions and other times you need an attorney to strategize with. Business leaders need a proactive lawyer who understands their specific operations and goals . . . someone they trust to give them the final “ok.”

Rebuilding the Trust

And using risk as an opportunity.

We partner with businesses across the nation using Preventive Law strategies to build strong internal foundations. With a background that spans several industries, we’re able to see things from a unique perspective, limiting legal exposure that can often times be avoided.

Keefer Strategy offers flexible billing which allows for transparency and predictability, and best of all, it’s as if we’re in the office down the hall.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Contracts

  • Insurance & Litigation Management

  • Compliance

  • Business Governance

  • Due Diligence

I have been in business 40 years with multiple locations across the country. Hiring Keefer Strategy is the single best thing I have done, especially with expansion and new ventures. I would recommend Keefer Strategy as a 5-star practice.

Jim Roberts CEO, Ace Tire & Axle
Jim Roberts

Chris was flexible in his approach and explained complex issues in such a way that we were able to understand and be conversant about them ourselves. We plan to continue using KEEFER in the future and strongly recommend this resource to business owners and executives who understand their business risks, but aren’t deep insurance experts.

Benjamin R. Pappas President, Bates Group, LLC
Benjamin R. Pappas

Chris had a unique ability to dissect our program and understood the importance of the cost-benefit. . . . The analysis he provided resulted in our team being better able to understand the risks we were transferring to insurers, ultimately leading to educated decision-making. We’ve found great value in KEEFER’s services and the importance of being prepared and would recommend KEEFER to other businesses looking to better understand their risk profile.

Ryan Martin CEO, Yakima Products
Ryan Martin

While serving as interim Chief Strategy Officer for a publicly-traded manufacturer, I had the opportunity to work with Keefer Strategy on legal and business risk issues facing the company. This included contract negotiation and legal compliance strategies, as well as management of litigation and insurance programs. Chris was collaborative and conscious of business outcomes in working with our executive team, providing significant multi-faceted benefits to the company in the process. Chris was a trusted resource, and I look forward to working with him again in the future.

Richard Infantino Managing Director, Deloitte
Richard Infantino

An Ounce of Prevention

Worth a pound of cure.

Traditionally, businesses have relied on legal support as a reactive resource and many times it’s too late . . . and costly. Preventive Law is a proactive solution that leads to long-term business “health” and success.