Preventive Law

Your Ounce of Prevention

“Care is an absolute. Prevention is the ideal.”

Christopher Howson

At its core, Preventive Law is about helping businesses look around corners to anticipate legal risks before they materialize. It’s like a physical for your business during times of health designed to discover and treat areas of potential “disease”. Preventive Lawyers see things differently and offer proactive support and strategies for your business, legal department, and clients.

Preventive Lawyers have broad-based experience in the 5 Pillars of Preventive Law. This experience typically comes from diverse work histories, involving employment as in-house lawyers for both corporations and insurers, as well as years of practice with private firms. This eclectic experience gives Preventive Lawyers the unique ability to spot and analyze issues and then think several steps ahead to anticipate potential business and legal risks given a particular course of action.

The 5 Pillars of Preventive Law

How is Your Business Health?

Check-up on your business to determine areas of potential “disease” or exposure.

Rebuilding the Trust

We’re changing the relationship between businesses and their lawyers.

We partner with our clients to look at business decision making through a new lens. We offer accessible service and proactive solutions, enabling our clients to focus on what they do best. Keefer Strategy also offers flexible billing which allows for transparency and predictability.

  • We’re an alternative to on-boarding legal counsel, providing day-to-day business and legal strategies.

  • We provide support to legal teams looking for extra support or specialized project work.

  • We help your clients take a proactive approach when it comes to legal risks.

I have been in business 40 years with multiple locations across the country. Hiring Keefer Strategy is the single best thing I have done, especially with expansion and new ventures. I would recommend Keefer Strategy as a 5-star practice.

Jim Roberts CEO, Ace Tire & Axle
Jim Roberts

As General Counsel of a recognized global brand, I’ve had the opportunity to work with Keefer Strategy on complex contract, insurance and compliance issues facing our company. Chris has consistently been able to provide “big law” deliverables in a business-forward and cost-effective manner, helping our legal department stay nimble and streamlined. I recommend Chris to any in-house practice, whether as a specialized or supporting resource.

Anthony Dal Ponte General Counsel, Pacific Seafood
Anthony Dal Ponte

Our firm has had the opportunity to collaborate with Keefer Strategy on a variety of clients in various sectors, and have found Chris to be highly creative and practical in his legal counsel.  He takes the time to build relationships with his clients and partner with their advisors in order to recommend the right combination of efficient, effective, and solution-oriented advice surrounding complex contract negotiation and development, and preventive law.

Steve Fein Managing Partner, Moss Adams
Steve Fein

I quickly learned to appreciate Chris’ communication and organization skills. . . . Chris is one of those rare individuals who combine legal insight with practical business know-how.

Kevin Quinley, CPCU, ARM, AIC Principal, Quinley Risk Associates LLC
Kevin Quinley, CPCU, ARM, AIC

Chris is a strong communicator, makes good decisions, can influence to drive results and sees the big picture. His experience and knowledge would be an asset to any organization looking to improve their competitiveness in the marketplace.

John Notar Sports Product Industry Consultant
John Notar