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There is an old adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. By taking a proactive approach to risk, businesses are empowering themselves with that ounce of prevention. They are better able to prepare and protect themselves as opposed to being caught off guard and scrambling.

Within your company and throughout the process of making and selling your product, your business may be exposed to a universe of risks. From business interruption to cybersecurity to human resources management, these risks lie around every corner. In the ever-changing world of manufacturing, successful businesses not only need relevant insurance coverage, but also ongoing risk mitigation strategies and controls that will allow them to monitor these exposures and immediately respond to them.

KEEFER is your ounce of prevention. We work directly with you to help you understand your business’ unique risk profile through an evaluation and analysis. We then assist with developing and implementing controls to begin monitoring performance, which can include contract relations with suppliers, vendors and distributors. We help you put strategies in place that will ensure your business can remain focused on making great product, not looking over your shoulder.