"Yakima Products worked with KEEFER to review our insurance program and help us identify potential opportunities and coverage gaps to help better align insurance with our operations.  Chris had a unique ability to dissect our program and understood the importance of the cost-benefit.  In his analysis and presentation, he clearly identified areas within our insurance program, from business interruption to cybersecurity, that we’ve been able to incorporate into negotiation of our annual renewals.  The analysis he provided resulted in our team being better able to understand the risks we were transferring to insurers, ultimately leading to educated decision-making.  We've found great value in KEEFER’s services and the importance of being prepared and would recommend KEEFER to other product manufacturers looking to better understand their risk profile."

ryan martin
CEO, Yakima Products
Lake Oswego, OREGON

"Bates Group approached KEEFER to review its insurance program prior to an upcoming renewal. Chris not only identified insurance coverage gaps and opportunities, but also discussed these issues and answered questions in person given some of the complexities. Ultimately, Chris helped us relay these issues to our broker, ensuring that our insurance coverage aligned with our current operations in the new policy year. He was flexible in his approach and explained complex issues in such a way that we were able to understand and be conversant about them ourselves. We plan to continue using KEEFER in the future and strongly recommend this resource to business owners and executives who understand their business risks, but aren’t deep insurance experts.”

Benjamin R. Pappas
COO, Bates Group
Lake Oswego, Oregon

“Chris Keefer’s analysis of the insurance his client purchased and the coverage it was entitled to was superior to most in-house attorneys I worked with.  He fully understood how to properly insure his client’s interests and was realistic and aggressive as to the purpose and scope of the coverage purchased. Chris was able to view the insurance in its entirety to serve his client proactively and reactively. I found him to be a strategic thinker and, for me, a committed and strong client contact to work with to obtain the full benefit of the insurance his client purchased. I believe that he has the scope of understanding of insurance to provide clients - large and small - with insight for obtaining appropriate insurance and performing all of the functions necessary to assure such clients receive everything they are entitled to under purchased policies. Commercial insurance is a very complicated and complex field; the assistance of someone with Chris Keefer’s knowledge and energy is essential to every business facing potential losses.”

Mark Kolman
Former Partner, Dickstein Shapiro
Washington, D.C.

"Chris helped us understand the potential risks facing our startup. As a young company with a global supply chain, we need to know that our insurance policy works for us in the event of a disaster. Chris broke down the risks and gaps in our policy in a no-nonsense manner, and presented us clear items that led to actionable business decisions. I highly recommend KEEFER to any companies needing to understand their global risk. Five Stars."

Tim Sherry
COO, Odd Lot Labs
Portland, Oregon

“We’re an Athletic Footwear & Sports Ball Manufacturer in Vietnam, and worked with Chris in a couple of capacities. He advised on our legal and trade opportunities for better alignment with government agencies and while working with us, also took a product from design through development and sample production while learning the inner-workings of a manufacturing environment dedicated to a brand. The big win for Chris and the team was a much better product as a result of his experience with Sports Gear. As an aside, we also appreciated his guidance on legal/trade matters. I would highly recommend Chris Keefer!”

Shirley Justice
President, Global Strategy & Operations
Sports Gear Co., Ltd.
Taichung City, Taiwan

"I worked with Chris in developing a professional project that was new to me and his input was invaluable.  His expertise and professionalism provided me with great content and guidance that proved critical in the success of my project.  Chris went above and beyond in collaborating with me and took his own time, free of charge, to assist me out of pure goodwill.  His passion for his work was clear as was his dedication to providing thorough and thoughtful advice." 

Tarifa B. LAddon
Partner, Faegre Baker Daniels LLP
Los Angeles, California

“Chris is a strong communicator, makes good decisions, can influence to drive results and sees the big picture. His experience and knowledge would be an asset to any organization looking to improve their competitiveness in the marketplace."

John Notar
Sports Product Industry Consultant
Portland, Oregon

“I had the pleasure of working with Chris in connection with a program/panel presentation sponsored by the ACI on ‘Drug and Medical Device Litigation.’ I quickly learned to appreciate Chris’ communication and organization skills. He rapidly helped us frame our focus for the session and spearheaded an effort that culminated in a very successful and informative breakout session. Chris is one of those rare individuals who combine legal insight with practical business know-how. His organization helped make it a much easier job for other panelists to contribute. He was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend Chris Keefer!”

Kevin Quinley, CPCU, ARM, AIC
Principal, Quinley Risk Associates LLC
Richmond, Virginia