There is an old adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Throughout the process of making and selling your product, your business may be exposed to a universe of risks. From business interruption to cybersecurity to human resources to regulatory compliance, these risks lie around every corner.

As a preventive law practice, KEEFER specializes in looking around these corners, helping your company anticipate and respond to risks before they materialize. This includes:

  • Managing relations with your insurance broker and carrier to ensure the policies you purchased are actually reacting to your business risks.

  • Selecting and managing lawyers in the event of litigation, providing business-forward legal strategies to minimize exposure.

  • Negotiating and developing contracts across corporate functions, rather than just signing the document the other side handed you.

  • Serving as a trusted and cost-effective resource for day-to-day legal and business strategies.

KEEFER is your ounce of prevention.