Too many businesses purchase insurance policies without fully understanding the terms, leaving them unnecessarily exposed to a host of risks they did not expect. This is especially true for brands and manufacturers with global supply chains, cybersecurity risks, and HR exposures.  

Imagine your company suffers a loss you thought was insured and when you go to collect on those policies, your claim is denied. Perhaps you inadvertently hadn’t selected a particular line of insurance you ultimately needed, or maybe the insurer is denying the claim based on its interpretation of a particular provision or exclusion that was tucked deep inside that large legalese contract. This can and does have devastating consequences to businesses.  

Now more than ever, you need sophisticated legal counsel to assist with selecting and negotiating relevant insurance coverage. KEEFER is seasoned in working directly with businesses to level the playing field with insurers, identifying holes in existing insurance and then negotiating coverage terms with brokers and insurers. And when the time comes, KEEFER is there to effectively assert and manage your coverage claims to make sure the insurance coverage your purchased is actually working for you.